Take a look at these android app development trends of 2021

Undoubtedly, Android OS is the most demanding mobile OS with a market share of 85% and has more than 3 million mobile applications on the google play store ranging from web browsers, complex games, calendars, social media, mobile enterprise applications etc. The android OS has been getting all the attention when it comes to building and developing a mobile application. Android mobile applications are user-friendly and are going to lead the mobile app industry in the upcoming years. With the growing popularity of android mobile applications and products and services, the app development companies in Virginia are evolving their methods and getting along with the new and recent technologies and trends. Android has experienced several radical changes over the years, giving out a great and improved user experience. To stay ahead in an industry that continuously keeps evolving, you should exemplify the new trends of the future.

Here are a few app developments trends to look out for:

  1. Instant apps for Android: Instant apps are a familiar term in Android app development and are still popular. Instant apps allow users to try applications or games without installing them on the devices. Users can utilize the web directly and faster without even installing those applications. Instant apps reduce unnecessary interruption on the system and do not take extra space on devices. Instant apps offer great help to games and e-commerce businesses.
  2. Blockchain technology: Blockchain technology is a perfect app development option on Android for financial segments such as currency exchanges, banks, and more. According to a survey, 84% of the companies are actively engaging with blockchain technologies globally. Blockchain technology reduces data loss and deploys it for better performance in case of network failure. The apps with blockchain technology are safer and more secure for the encryption of data.
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Ever since cloud computing made its way into the technological world, organizations have gained enormous computing strength. Hence, AI models that perform tasks and augment regular procedures have become more accessible. You can apply machine learning and artificial intelligence for incorporating image identification, automating different tasks, data analytics, or natural language processing. Modern AI can enhance the productivity of the app by 40%.
  4. Multiplatform Development: Multiplatform development or Flutter is a new technology by Google and also the future of app development for Android. The flutter framework permits the use of a native interface for operating systems like iOS and Android. Several developers who work for app development Virginia Beach use Flutter to build mobile applications because of its exceptional flexibility and combinability. The flutter tool includes easy to learn features, native design, MVP development, and more.
  5. Google Assistant/Chatbots- In the coming time, more and more business owners will find it helpful to combine the content and services of their mobile applications with Google Assistant. The primary benefit of using this integration in your app is that it allows users to interact with your app directly in the assistant feature. Mobile app integrations with the virtual assistant will be a massive trend among several app development teams.